How It Works

HealthBar, a new health services startup in Grand Rapids, is working to help the West Michigan community open back up safely in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. With initial offerings to include workplace evaluations for social distancing during operations, PPE supply and temperature screenings, HealthBar seeks to partner with local businesses ensuring the safety of their teams.

A picture of someone in a business suit pointing at a chart and another person having a pen in hand appearing to look at the chart.

The services that HealthBar offers can be ordered “a la carte” or as a package and are completed by skilled clinicians including registered nurses and nurse practitioners. The level of expertise and assessment that these skilled clinicians bring provides reassurance to your team that the environment is safe and worry free. Combined with social distancing measures and appropriate PPE, your team will be set up for success and full operations.

Workplace screenings will provide a company with the opportunity to track sickness trends within their workforce which may better help them determine whether operations need to be stopped for a period of time or if specialized cleaning needs to take place. Staying ahead of viral spread is now more important than ever.

An image of 2 male nurses and 3 female nurses standing in a hallway looking at the camera.

One of the many unanticipated outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic was a significant workforce reduction in hospitals. HealthBar provides an opportunity for these laid off clinicians to complete work on a contractor basis and on their own time. It also provides opportunities for “under-employed” and regularly employed clinicians to pick up extra work.

The healthcare field is changing and that not only pertains to how services are provided but also how clinicians are employed. Non-traditional shifts, flexible work environments and free-lance opportunities will transform the clinical world. Decentralizing services provided within the four walls of a hospital will also allow patients the opportunity to “consume” healthcare more conveniently and not be exposed to the hospital environment.

Take the worry away about how to open your operations back up. These decisions will have major ramifications on the confidence of your team and the safety of your customers. When considering the health and well-being of these groups, move ahead with confidence and assurance not worry and fear.

Services can be provided on a flexible or as needed basis. Long-term relationships can be developed or if your need is sometime in the future, services can be pre-scheduled.

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