Healthcare Partnership Program

Healthcare Partnership Program

Lower your cost, not your care

It’s time to make healthcare a true benefit again. Our Healthcare Partnership Program gives your team access to a personalized concierge medical service and other helpful services such as our RX program, telehealth, and individualized health coaching—so they can stay healthy and productive while we keep healthcare costs low.

Best-in-class prescription program

Not only does our RxProgram remove employee copays, it reduces the cost of high-cost prescription medications by 30-40% and allows your team to get medications delivered straight to their homes for free. Instead of paying the pharmacies, distributors, and pharmacy benefit managers their cut, our RxProgram passes that savings on to you.

Healthbar Overview

Health Coaching, Nurse Navigation, and Telehealth Support

Our Health Coaching, Nurse Navigation, and Telehealth Support programs are all a part of our comprehensive medical services package designed to promote overall employee health and wellness, provide flexible care options, and enhance employee healthcare access.

Relationship-based custom care plans

Everything we do is centered around our mission of changing lives. Your personal, onsite care team is dedicated to developing completely customized care solutions for your business—working to reduce unnecessary healthcare visits and costs while keeping your employees healthy and engaged.