More Than Just Checking a Box

The number of orders and protocols business owners need to abide by nowadays can seem endless and insurmountable. When feeling this way, it’s easy to fall into the trap of putting the easiest and cheapest solution into place so you can check it off your list. The short term gain from working this way could quickly evaporate if a longer term or more costly issue arises because of the easy choice you made.

One of the recommendations put into place for businesses to operate in Michigan is the requirement to have all your employees screened utilizing a basic questionnaire and having a temperature taken prior to entering the workplace. Seems easy enough, right? The short answer is no, this should not be something you brush off or find a cheap solution for. The impacts of a poor screening process go far beyond the loss of a few days of work for your business. You could be negatively impacting the health and well-being of others in your workplace as well.

Accurately identifying a sick individual cannot be completed through the use of standard questions or a basic temperature check. If it were this easy, why would you go see your doctor or visit a hospital when you’re not feeling well? If anyone could ask some basic questions and determine whether you were healthy or not, we wouldn’t need skilled clinicians who’ve gone through years of training to treat and assess those seeking care. The ability to do this takes time, practice and experience.

Having a highly skilled clinical team complete this for your business does come at an increased cost, but the reassurance that the screening being completed is thorough, accurate and effective carries a significant amount of value not only to your business, but to your employees. Having a medical partner onsite also has many other benefits that go beyond screening services. With the complexity of the recommendations being made by government agencies, having an advisor with knowledge and expertise in the medical world is now more important than ever.