School Nurse Services

School Nurse Services

Let's Keep Students and Staff Healthy

We’re dedicated to providing accessible and approachable school nursing services within your community. Not only will we create a customized plan for your school, but we’ll work with you as a true partner and clinical service provider to make sure that the health and wellness of your students and staff are always a top priority. From medication administration to policy development, we have you covered.

Services that Work with Your School’s Schedule

Flexible and comprehensive, our nursing services are designed to work within your school’s daily operations and schedule. Our nurses can provide the following services:

  • Medical/Situational assessment skills
  • Coordination of Care
  • Diagnosis
  • Evaluation and management of illness/injuries
  • Medication administration and management
  • Disease management – Acute and chronic
  • Diagnostic testing – point-of-care
  • Perform complex treatments for children with special health care needs, such as suctioning a tracheostomy or administering medication via a feeding tube or intravenous port
  • A holistic approach focusing on both the physical and mental well-being of the student and faculty populations
  • Manage Communicable Disease in Schools
  • Monitor health-related attendance issues
  • Assist with and monitor your daily health screening need
  • Mental Health Training Intervention for Health Providers in Schools (MH-TIPS) Certified
  • Competency in promoting positive mental health in students
  • Managing the needs of students with or at risk for emotional and behavioral difficulties
  • Assessment and intervention techniques for students in crisis
  • Treatment for students identified as at risk
  • Communication techniques to intervene in a mental health crisis
  • Coordination of Care
  • Aligned to Framework for the 21st Century School Nurse
  • American Nurses Association (ANA); Scope and Standards of Practice for School Nursing
  • MERT (Medical Emergency Response Team) Trained
  • Develop individualized healthcare plans and emergency plans for children with special healthcare needs
  • District / Building-specific policy development
  • Medical & emergency policy / process review & creation
  • Prepare plans for the healthcare needs of the school community in the event of a disaster or lockdown situation
  • Care for a child in a medical emergency
  • Respond to a school-related emergency, such as a playground accident, a school bus accident, or some other critical incident that affects the health and safety of students or staff
  • Attend a parent/guardian conference or Individual Education Plan or 504 meeting if student health concerns are affecting learning
  • Provide supplemental classroom instruction and materials on various health-related topics
  • Provide one-on-one health counseling/coaching to individual students
  • Serve as a resource for families in need of support through community or social agencies or programs
  • Be confident and prepared to handle every health-related incident that may occur
  • Educate your community about health-related issues
  • Assist with medication administration tasks
  • Gather and maintain your institution’s health records

School Nursing Program Overview

Benefits of a School Nursing Program

Our School Nurse Program is a great way for schools to improve the health of their students and staff, reduce absenteeism, and eliminate liability associated with staff providing medical services. In addition to performing a broad range of health functions, HealthBar School Nurses communicate with parents/guardians, school staff, public health agencies, and physicians’ offices regarding communicable disease outbreaks and other health concerns. Our school nurses are often called upon to advise school administrators in formulating health policies or protocols. They can also plan and implement school-wide health education campaigns or activities such as health fairs or special health observance days and may give presentations to parents, guardians, or community groups.

HealthBar School Nurses can also be responsible for organizing and maintaining health-related documents, such as immunization records and health information forms for each student.

Quality Care, Whenever (and Wherever) You Need It

In addition to our onsite nursing teams, your school will have exclusive access to telehealth and drive-thru consultations with our medical providers. Your students and staff can get clinician-quality services without ever having to enter a clinic—making their health care convenient and seamless.

A Wide Range of Clinical Support Options

Our team of qualified nurses is here to offer your school the clinical support it needs to make sure students and staff stay healthy and safe. With an onsite RN assigned to each location, HealthBar can offer a wide range of services and support options to meet your exact needs, whether that’s medication administration, illness and injury treatment, policy development, or other health and wellness needs.


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