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A nurse doing temperature checks for a Grand Rapids business. She's using a forehead thermometer and is wearing nurse uniform and a mask.


Our healthcare services are delivered by highly trained clinicians from a variety of clinical backgrounds. We strive to provide the most timely, accessible and affordable care to all of our clients. You’ve never experienced healthcare like you will through HealthBar. Let us show you what responsive, transparent and high quality healthcare looks like

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Drive-Thru Services

  • Rapid Antigen Test – A nasal swab that detects virus proteins from an active COVID-19 virus. Best used in cases where someone is symptomatic and/or is 5+ days post-exposure to a known positive case. 
    Result Time: 15 minutes
    Drive-Thru Pricing: $80
  • Lab PCR Test  – A nasal swab that detects active COVID-19 virus. These are considered the gold standard and can be used in any situation. 
    Result Time: 24-72 hours
    Drive-Thru Pricing: $165
  • Saliva Test – Detects active COVID-19 virus. The reliability of these tests is considered equal to nasal swab tests.
    Result Time: 48-72 hours
    Drive-Thru Pricing: $165
  • AditxtScore  A small blood sample is collected and sent to a partner laboratory for processing. This test provides information on how immune you are to COVID-19.
    Result Time: 4 days
    Drive-Thru Pricing: $160
  • Rapid Strep A Test – The QuickVue In-Line Strep A Test uses a unique in-line extraction to detect group A streptococcal antigen directly from patient throat swab specimens. Two-color results give clear readability and proven accuracy provides for dependable results. Price includes review by a provider and writing a prescription if necessary.
    Result Time: 15 minutes
    Drive-Thru Pricing: $60
  • Antibody Test -15 minute result time. A finger prick blood sample that detects lgM (short term antibodies) and lgG (long term antibodies) in your blood. These DO NOT detect active virus in your system.
    Result Time: 15 minutes
    Drive-Thru Pricing: $45
  • Rapid Flu A+B Test – The QuickVue Influenza A+B Test detects and differentiates influenza type A and type B antigens directly from nasal swab and nasopharyngeal swab specimens. Price includes review by a provider and writing a prescription if necessary.
    Result Time: 30 minutes
    Drive-Thru Pricing: $60
  • *Coming Soon* Rapid Urinalysis Test – Rapid urinalysis test that checks for infection, hydration status, and minerals in your urine. Price includes review by a provider and writing a prescription if necessary.
    Result Time: 15 minutes
    Drive-Thru Pricing: $60

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COVID-19 Business Services

Healthcare Services

  • Medical Perspective – Retainer – Have access to a medical perspective whenever you need it.
    Rate: Monthly Fee – Varies
  • Blood Testing/Laboratory Services – Direct access to blood work testing through our affiliate partner whenever you want, without a doctor’s order.
    Rate: Price varies depending on testing ordered
  • Health Promotion/Education Sessions – Covering a wide variety of topics, educate your team on complex health conditions and processes!
    Rate: $60/hr.
  • Service Extenders – Have a clinical service that you can’t complete due to a lack of skilled clinicians? See how we can help you reach more clients and expand your services!
    Rate: Varies based on service and duration
  • Ride YourWay – Wheelchair & Ambulatory Transportation – West Michigan’s highest customer-rated and most affordable source of medical & non-medical transportation, specializing in wheelchair-accessible transportation.
    Rate: Visit Website
  • Healthcare Partnership Program – Business healthcare program aimed at lowering your overall healthcare expenditures.
    Rate: Starting at $35/employee/month

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