Workplace Temperature Screening Services

Getting Started

Prior to any screening services being started at your facility, you’ll sit down with a HealthBaar representative to review the following details:

  • What services are being considered?
  • How many employees work at the company?
  • When are typical employee arrival times?
  • Do you want vendors/contractors screened?
  • Do you have appropriate PPE available?

A detailed operational plan will be created and provided to you based on the above information and with considerations given to several other factors.  

Temperature Screening Service Areas

  • Grand Rapids
  • Muskegon
  • Kalamazoo
  • Surrounding Communities

If you are unsure on whether your area would be covered, contact us to find out.


HealthBar clinicians are registered nurses and nurse practitioners from your local area. These are highly trained professionals who will not only complete the temperature check process but also provide an added layer of visual assessment and decision making. A temperature is only one factor in determining if someone is ill. You can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality screening with this level of skill and expertise. 

Initiation of Services

Once an operational plan is agreed upon, a schedule will be created and clinicians assigned to the screening areas. On the first day of operations, HealthBaar representatives will be onsite to ensure that everything is going smoothly and there aren’t any questions. Key contact information will be provided to your organization so you can reach out at any time if you have questions. 


Weekly reports will be provide that will detail out:

  • The total number of employees screened
  • The total number of employees with viral symptoms but no fever
  • The total number of employees with a fever and no viral symptoms
  • The total number of employees with a fever and viral symptoms

These reports will not include any employee-specific information and can be utilized to track the health of your workforce. Any trending in viral illness will be reported immediately to your company to determine if specific measures need to be taken.

Ongoing Support

Services can be provided for any length of time and can be terminated whenever you feel it’s necessary. We’re here to support you and your company’s operations!

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